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That’s a Lotta Candles

Traditionally the annual anniversary party at Tobacco Road – which, turning 95, becomes older than all of Miami’s other live entertainment enterprises combined – colors way outside the mainstream lines, usually successfully. Even if the music doesn’t kill, it seems only right to salute the city’s oldest bar at least once a year.

The Spam Allstars, though familiar (they play 200 shows per year, many local), make worthy headliners whose electro-funk-et cetera sound has since 1999 pioneered a non-hip-hop/non-rap-metal approach to blending turntabling and live instrumentation. DJ Le Spam (Andrew Yeomanson) was an accomplished guitarist (Lavalas, Nil Lara) before he figured out a way to combine his vast, varied, and evolving collection of recordings with computer-generated and live improv into something tasty. (Unlike early shows in area clubs, this one won’t feature Spam dishes prepared onstage during performance, but the Road’s food rocks hard enough.) Also on the bill: Oski Foundation, Inside Eye, Monkey Village, Ike and Val Woods, the Bendy Pastorius Group, and Luis Bofil. Freshmonic “humorist” Dave Barry and his band of (ugh) writers, the Rock Bottom Remainders, open the three-stage event at 8:00 p.m.
Fri., Nov. 9, 8 p.m., 2007


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