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Thanks for All the Phish

Can you guess who will be at the Greynolds Park Love-In this year? Damn, you’re smart. Yes, the legendary Winnipeg rockers of the Guess Who will provide music you can spin to at the Miami-Dade Park and Recreation department’s annual peace-love-and-harmony-theme festival. Dig out those Birkenstocks and flammable Indian skirts, and spread your patchouli-scented arms wide enough to embrace all of your tie-dyed friends. After a few magic mushrooms, you can shake your dreads to the riffs of the local classic rock band, Rewind, and give up some snaps at the beat poetry reading. Little hippies-in-training will enjoy puppets and activities in the Kids’ Corner, and numerous food vendors will keep everyone sated. Be sure to gas up your VW Vanagon -- there will also be a vintage Volkswagen exhibit with more than 50 cars on display.
Sun., May 21, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.


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