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TGIF, Baby!

It’s Friday night and finally another week of excruciating employment has come to an end. All you wanna do is kick back with a couple of cocktails, the stronger the better. If you’re looking for the kind of venue that will recharge your beaten spirit, hit up Uva69. Let the new Caribbean Chic happy hour erase all memories of your annoying-ass boss and his endless jibber-jabber.

Owners Sinhue and Michael Vega have done everything in their power to transform their establishment into a place with transportive power. Step behind the white curtains and you’ll feel worlds away from bustling Biscayne Boulevard, thanks to the newly renovated terrace bar. DJ SugaHill will be manning the ones and twos with lots of calypso, reggae, and Latin rhythms, and there are sweet two-for-one specials on drinks including imported beers, margaritas, and mojitos. Pair your beverage with an appetizer (we adore the bruschetta with goat cheese and roasted tomato -- just six dollars), or settle in for a delectable dinner after copious imbibing. Hurry up and get it before it’s gone – this happy-hour deal lasts from 5 to 8 p.m. and will end March 28.
March 21-28, 2008


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