Ten Times Hotter than Eva Longoria

Google "randy housewife, pre-1980," and the first result should be a full-cover shot of Julianne Moore, her red hair feathered and layered, smoking a Virginia Slims cigarette. She's one of the rare people, like George Clooney, whose beauty only fully emerged after 40, and her timing coincided nicely with a revival of films about suburban turpitude. Something about Moore screams, “intelligent homemaker from the recent past concealing a dark side,” and whenever she’s tackled that role (Safe, Far From Heaven, Magnolia) or riffed off of it (Boogie Nights, Big Lebowski), she’s shone. Whenever she’s strayed (Hannibal, Children of Men), she’s stumbled. So wouldn't the ultimate role for her be a Fifties socialite who does lots of drugs and sleeps with her son? We offer an enthusiastic yes. Enter Savage Grace, premiering locally Friday night at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. Moore plays Barbara Daly, a charismatic model who marries into the Bakelite plastics fortune and later tries to cure her son's homosexuality with some home cookin'. Spoiler alert: It doesn't work. Two showings, both in high-definition, at 7:50 and 9:30. Tickets cost $10. Visit www.mbcinema.com.
Fri., Aug. 8, 2008


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