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Ted Infected

Ever feel like no matter how much news you consume, how much you surf the Internet, or how often you use social media, you’re never quite in front of trends? Well, chances are you’re not. Truth is, there are not a lot of ways to get an inside look at exciting and dynamic ideas that will shape our future — locally and nationally. That’s why the TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) movement is so appealing. With annual conferences in California and Europe, the nonprofit organization brings together forward thinkers from across the planet to discuss groundbreaking ideas in talks no longer 18 minutes. TEDxMIA, an independent event organized under the TED license, is similarly bringing dynamic Miamians together to talk shop and share experiences and ideas. The local event presents a wide spectrum of speakers, ranging from social worker Shelly Baer to marine biologist Colin Ford of Coral Morphologic to popsicle maker Felecia Hatcher. There will also be a novelist, a winemaker, a musician, a designer, the founder of an aviation company, and a professor. Likewise varied are the topics the speakers will tackle. The theme for the second annual TedxMIA is “Between the Lines,” mixing big-picture thinking — innovation, collaboration, technology — with more lighthearted talks about things such as how popsicles can change the world, random acts of culture, and using math to make ugly music. TEDxMIA takes place Tuesday at the New World Center. There will be a live stream of the TedxMIA talks on the web. Visit
Tue., Sept. 13, 6 p.m., 2011


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