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Tastes Like Chicken

If you can put aside the crude jokes about certain meaty ingredients, you’ll find that Vietnamese cuisine is among the most sophisticated of the Asian culinary traditions, and one of the finest restaurants in Miami happens to serve up excellent renditions of those Chinese and French-influenced dishes. Since opening the Hy Vong restaurant in 1980, Tung Nguyen has been one of South Florida’s more popular chefs. Not only does she garner praise for her work at the Little Havana landmark, but also the Saigon native has a loyal following of students who have learned how to cook Vietnamese delicacies thanks to her. Today school is in session during the Interactive Culinary Demonstration and G.H. Mumm Champagne Luncheon in the Country Club Ballroom at the Biltmore Hotel. The lemongrass gets chopped at noon.
Sat., Dec. 9, noon


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