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Taste of Greatness

Attention, foodies: Taste America’s Local Flavor From Coast to Coast Festival is bringing meal delivery to a whole new level of awesome. Put on by the culinary luminaries at the James Beard Foundation, this event is making its way from city to city with award-winning chefs cooking a cornucopia of good eats. A portion of proceeds benefits the World Hunger Foundation, so all that eating helps the less fortunate fill their bellies too. At the Miami event, there will be a cocktail reception and a master dinner, and both menus are packed full of mouthwatering edibles. If you opt for the VIP reception, you’ll be able to kick off the evening with eats by Giorgio Rapicavoli plus four other up-and-comers. For the subsequent five-course dinner, save room for Norman Van Aken’s creamy cracked conch chowder with saffron, coconut milk, and oranges, and Lorena Garcia’s braised short ribs with a purple potato croquette over a queso fresco ají amarillo fondue topped with microgreens. And don’t forget the culinary delights of Michael Schwartz, Allen Susser, and Yigit Pura. You might not want to eat ahead of time — for like, a week.
Fri., Sept. 20, 7:30 p.m., 2013


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