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Tango Down

Your dance skills are pretty sweet. You’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance, battled rivals à la Bring It On, and channeled Beyoncé at the clubs on the weekends. But isn’t it about time you expanded your repertoire past booty-shaking? This Monday, you can take a free tango class at South Beach’s Tapas y Tintos (448 Española Way, Miami Beach). Lorena and Diego will school you in the elements of this sexy and dramatic Argentine dance before or after you nosh on some small plates and cocktails. There’s no experience necessary, so don’t worry about making a fool of yourself as you dip and strut — the other participants will undoubtedly be equally embarrassing. After you’ve nailed the basics, there’ll be a milonga (tango social dance) where you can meet, mingle, and show off your new tricks till 1 a.m. So clamp your choppers on a rose stem and get your Scent of a Woman on.
Mon., March 4, 8 p.m., 2013


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