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Tale as Old as Time

God bless the Jamaicans for taking so many played-out classics and remixing them in a rub-a-dub style. We long ago lost track of the reggae versions of American chart hits, through which we have learned that even the most wearisome Eighties slow-dance song becomes better with a heavy-ass, serpentine bass line. Tired of being left out of the cover-version game, some of the island’s best comedians are uniting to produce a rendition of a children’s classic that will blow Disney out of the water. Trust when we say that Cutie and the Freak will make your sides ache more than any other version of Beauty and the Beast ever could.

Here’s how you can tell. Just say these three words to any Caribbean person – Oliver at Large – and watch the smile spread across his or her face. The star of that beloved Eighties sitcom, Oliver Samuels, is a Jamaican national treasure and a veteran of the stage. He’s bringing his unique comedic sensibilities to the German American Social Club and starring as Cutie’s overprotective father. Tickets are being sold at popular Jamaican restaurants and record stores throughout the city, and cost $35. Call 305-891-1242, or visit for a complete list of ticket outlets.
Fri., June 29


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