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Taking It to the Hole

Every year Hoop It Up tours the nation, providing everyday joes with a shot at proving their worth in pick-up basketball. The premier three-on-three basketball tournament in the country breaks it down into 20 divisions that range from boys and girls ages 13 to 18, to men and women ages 19 to 30-plus. First-, second-, third-, and fourth-place teams in each division receive a plaque or medal and qualify for the Hoop It Up World Championships. The tournament features some outstanding players you’ll find in any local park, taking it to the hole strong and kicking all kinds of ass on any given day or night.

Know that Larry Bird wannabe who stretches before every game like he’s about to enter an Iron Man competition, calls a foul if you so much as breathe on him, never passes the ball, and chucks up bricks all day? Yeah, he’ll be there too. But his team is usually routed and eliminated after the first round. He then blames the loss on teammates who failed to pass him the ball enough. Come watch the real players school that guy. The event will be held today and tomorrow at Calder Race Course. First games take place at 8 a.m. and run all day. To register, visit or call 1-888-997-PLAY.
Sat., March 29; Sun., March 30, 2008


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