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Take Us on a Drinking Stroll
Lyssa Oberkreser

Take Us on a Drinking Stroll

Hitting the beach with buds and suds

NOW 24/7

The crazy people who couldn't wait to get out and walk along South Beach after the storm were rewarded with a bevy of disaster-porn photo opportunities. Leveled lifeguard houses and toppled palm trees couldn't stop us from huffing down to the pounding shore, which was strewn with an overturned-jewelry-box display of shells and sea glass not usually found in these parts. Armed with cameras and plastic cups of Hurricane Wilma cocktails (two parts cranberry juice, one part orange vodka, and a splash of ginger ale), we ignored our mother's warning to not go out "because it's too dangerous" and managed to capture a fabulous collection of hurricane art we'll be able to share with our grandkids. Don't worry if you didn't snap a photo of that crushed car; plenty of mess is still out there.


Urban Experience

By now most bars are back in business on the Beach, so you can stop in for a cocktail or three. The Rex at The Marlin (1200 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) is open until 5:00 a.m., and it serves a damn tasty bloody mary with a dash of horseradish to give it a little kick. Call 305-604-3836, or visit —Lyssa Oberkreser

Get Up, Stand Up

Don't let the man get you down

SUN 11/6

Internal rebellion — as we call it when it happens in other countries — is a pretty good sign of a government's slide into the lower levels of failure. Americans have admitted, at least when questioned on the phone by pollsters, that they blew it big time by electing George W. Bush, and the primary reason is the rotten quagmire he has created in Iraq. The war, justified by lies, has killed thousands, cost billions, and, in a particularly horrific paradox, increased terrorism. A group called University of Miami Students Toward a New Democracy and several other organizations are devoting Sunday (from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m.) to a teach-in at the University of Miami's Whitten Learning Center, 5150 Brunson Dr., Coral Gables. They're encouraging students, and the public for that matter, to join their opposition to the war, while also presenting cogent information in a variety of forums about a variety of topics. Visit their Website at —Greg Baker

Singing the Bad-Weather Blues

The party must go on

THU 11/3

If we're not still singing the hurricane blues, the Original Riverwalk Blues Festival will take over downtown Fort Lauderdale (408 S. Andrews Ave.) with more than 75 acts, today through Sunday, November 6. With indoor and outdoor stages, the fest will satisfy the need for A/C and clear blue skies. Top billers include The Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall, Elvin Bishop, and Saffire — The Uppity Blues Women. Local talent features Hep Cat Boo Daddies, Juanita Dixon, Blue House, The Nucklebusters, and Iko Iko. Event producers are adamant that the show will go on rain or shine. Tickets cost $7 to $52 for daily and weekend passes. Call 954-463-9800, or visit —Karen Dale Wolman

Out of the Bio-Dome

THU 11/3

Who opened the dome and let him out? Pauly Shore is back — as if you even missed him. If you didn't see him in the documentary Spooge: Two Months in the Life of or as Lenny Bruce in the made-for-TV movie Hefner: Unauthorized, catch up with the Weasel tonight through Sunday, November 6, at the Miami Improv, 3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove. Showtime is 8:30. Tickets cost $26.75. Call 305-441-8200, or visit for a complete schedule. — Lyssa Oberkreser


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