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Lyssa Oberkreser

Take Celebrities Bowling

And don't worry about breaking a nail

NOW 24/7

What's happened to the bowling alleys of yesteryear? You know, the ones that reek of spilled Pabst Blue Ribbon and stale Pall Malls. There are still a few of those around, but they're going the way of drive-in movie theaters and miniature golf courses -- out with the old, and in with the new that looks old. While everything kitschy and retro is in, the fad is now prefabricated nostalgia. Even the old-time Don Carter Kendall Lanes (13600 N. Kendall Dr.; 305-385-6160) has announced its demise on its Website: "While we are saddened to see this great establishment close, we will be open through October 2005."

Meanwhile a fashionable bowling establishment has landed on the Beach. Lucky Strike Lanes (1691 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach) offers fourteen bowling lanes, a chic lounge, and a full bar and restaurant. The brainchild of Steven and Gillian Foster, the first lanes opened with raves in Hollywood and Orange County (California) and Boston, and the Fosters spared no time striking across the continent to set up pins in Denver, Louisville, and Toronto. In a recent press release, Mr. Foster notes that while bowling alleys were "sophisticated social centers" in the Twenties and Thirties, "In the last couple of generations, they became a blue-collar, downscale phenomenon." Yikes! But if celebrities like Vince Vaughn, Scarlett Johansson, Topher Grace, and even Oscar-winner Adrien Brody are chucking sixteen-pounders down Lucky's neon-lit lanes, you know it has to be cool.

Check out the new old trend daily from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Shoe rental costs $3.95, and you can roll for $4.95 to $7.95 per game. Call 305-532-0307, or visit --Lyssa Oberkreser

Climbing the Walls

NOW 24/7

There's no need for the youngsters to spray on insect repellent before climbing Mt. MiChiMu, a new permanent attraction at Miami Children's Museum (980 MacArthur Cswy., Miami). Children over age four can discover their true hiking abilities on this 30-foot rock wall by choosing from three levels of difficulty. On their way up, climbers can ring a bell, raise a flag, and even make a volcano erupt. Scaling the simulated mountain, in addition to learning the basics of safe climbing, improves self-confidence and motor skills. Tackling Mt. MiChiMu costs eight dollars for an all-day pass or three bucks for one climb, in addition to general admission prices. Closed-toe shoes required. Call 305-373-5437, or visit -- Christina Kent

The Chi Spot

Tap into your inner strength

FRI 7/8

Being a woman sometimes feels like being a circus juggler. Successfully balancing the demands of a career, love life, and family can be downright overwhelming. Internalizing stress triggers a vicious circle that can lead to insomnia, physical ailments, and even more stress. Consider a healthy, ancient alternative to alleviate the tension of the daily grind. For centuries the Chinese have been healing their bodies and spirits with techniques that combine meditation with movement. At Master Chufei Tsai's Mother of Pearl seminar, women are invited to channel the power within the female body through breathing techniques, soothing visualization, and slow, fluid motions. Relax your mind and body tonight at 7:00 at the Zab Sang Institute, 3570 Main Hwy., Coconut Grove. The introductory seminar is free. Reserve your place by calling 305-567-0165, and learn more about Eastern philosophy and internal energy by visiting --Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

And you don't even have to take your clothes off

SAT 7/9

You don't need your own stripper pole to master a sexy dance routine, but a chair can be helpful. If you're interested in choreographing an erotic number for your honey, you can learn all the right moves at the Art of Exotic Dancing. Co-creator Leah Stauffer says you need no experience or natural grace to take the class. "The classes are for everyday women, taught by everyday women ... in a safe and supportive environment," says Stauffer. "There's no competition, but a celebration of everyone's beauty and uniqueness." Stauffer sees a transformation in the women who take the class, which boosts confidence and encourages self-expression. "Women learn to appreciate their own beauty." The hips will be rolling today from 2:00 to 5:00 at Karibe Dance Studio, 10370 W. Flagler St., Miami. The class costs $79. Call 1-866-447-7655, or visit to register. --Lyssa Oberkreser

Taming the Wild Mind

FRI 7/8

Even when we try to relax, our brain continues to flick through an endless cycle of thoughts and worries. It's time to put down the remote and rest on one channel. Tonight you can catch a program led by Rachel Faro on Shambhala Buddhism and meditation, which is based on the teachings that we all embody sanity and intelligence. "This is not a religious meditation, but it's to gain more access to the power we have inside to live in a happier and healthier way," says pastor Annette Jones. Put your mind at ease beginning at 8:00 at St. John's Church, 4760 Pinetree Dr., Miami Beach. Admission is free. Call 305-531-7166, or visit -- Lyssa Oberkreser


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