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Take a Hit of the Bella Donna

A packed house could have told the story as well, but a recent New York Times’ nod gave Bella Rose another boost on the cool meter for its weekly murder-mystery hipster party Black Sunday. And now, the club is home to the perfect Saturday sister party: Bella Donna. Billed as the ideal bash for those looking to flirt with a little corruption, the joint is typically packed with tipsy model hosts, posh socialites, and degenerate hipsters looking for one unforgettable night of mayhem. In keeping with the lounge’s come-one-come-all aesthetic, the party is still hip enough for South Beach purveyors of cool without turning off those trying to avoid a fuss at the door — just ask iconic fashion designer Calvin Klein, who recently made a cameo at the fete.

Cocaine Cowboys producer Alfred Spellman and SoBe scenester Keith Paciello brought the lounge notoriety, but Bella Donna’s instant credibility is due to this Saturday night’s host — Nick D’Annunzio — one of the Beach’s most influential tastemakers. Up-and-coming spinner DJ Troy Kurtz is the night’s resident sound selector, and Black Sunday mastermind Alexis Mincolla will be on hand to add to the debauchery. Do your part by showing up until the beat stops.
Saturdays, 11 p.m., 2009


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