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Tag It and Bag It

Since there’s only one rail line in Miami and practically no one uses it, local graffiti artists are forced to be a bit more creative when choosing canvases for their work. From the dumpster in Fox’s parking lot (anyone else notice those droopy hearts all over the city?) to the soccer field behind Beach High and CP1’s “Wall of Idolatry” at Sweat Records, graffiti works push their way into your Miami-Dade life like a fallen palm frond: There’s always one in your peripheral vision even if you’re not looking for it. So get some edumacation on the local fare. Put down the Banksy book, walk out of Urban Outfitters, and head to the Miami Graffiti Book release party at Buck15.

Beginning at 9 p.m. this Wednesday, authors and photogs James and Karla Murray will sign copies of the book, alongside live performances by A1phaNum3ric5, Mind Kontrol, and Salami Fingaz. The floor will be full of breakdancing b-boys and girls from Ground Zero, Heart Breakerz, and Raw Meat Crew. Marc Ecko and spellcheckers not welcome. You, however, can wear your SARSguard and pop ’n’ lock till your droopy heart leaves its own imprint on the floor.
Wed., May 6, 9 p.m., 2009


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