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Table Manners

Decorating is a good thing

THUR 3/10

It's merely a coincidence that the Lowe Art Museum's thirteenth annual fundraiser, the Art of Table Decorating, happens just a week after Martha Stewart's release from prison. It's nonetheless fitting, as the exhibit will feature more than 30 exquisitely and uniquely decorated tables that would certainly make America's favorite ex-con domestic diva swoon. With the help of local retailers like Margaux, House Fly, and Macy's, viewers will have a glimpse of what it may have been like to dine with Dickens at Christmas or during Jay Gatsby's swinging Twenties. The event opens tonight at 7:00 with a cocktail reception and silent auction, during which guests will be able to bid on the table decorations, and continues with table showcases Friday and Saturday and a champagne brunch Sunday. Tickets to the opening reception are $40, $30 for the brunch, and $15 to see the exhibit during museum hours. The Museum is located at the University of Miami, 1301 Stanford Dr., Coral Gables. Call 305-284-3535, or visit -- Jessica Sick

Urban Shots

Images in black and white

THUR 3/10

Photo aficionados can luxuriate in the work of world-class shutterbugs Mario Algaze and Javier Silva Meinel at the Barbara Gillman Gallery (3814 NE Miami Ct., Miami) during tonight's Design District art crawl from 7:00 to 10:00. Algaze's "Southern Exposure Panoramic Images" and Meinel's "Images from Peru" feature stunning black-and-white photography that has earned these longtime friends international acclaim and marks the first time they have exhibited together in South Florida. Algaze, who has spent the past three decades in South America, returns to his native Miami to capture panoramic images of urban landscapes reflecting his mastery of light and space. Meinel, who lives and works in Peru, is known for creating portraits of both individuals and groups at the fleeting juncture where past and present meet. His startling imagery confronts the viewer with exotic subjects that accentuate the unfamiliar. The exhibit runs through April 12. Call 305-573-1920. --Carlos Suarez de Jesus

Teats and Art

SAT 3/12

In her first solo show, "Project Analysis" at Liquid Blue Gallery (3438 N. Miami Ave., Miami), Josefina Posch transports the spectator into a paradoxical world of erotic anxiety where one might experience those innermost urges that animate the flesh. Oscillating between alluring and repulsive, Posch's sound sculptures and video installations viscerally reference the body and are richly textured in gobs of white latex and disturbing imagery. Catheters, udders, orifices, rodents, and flaccid organs writhe and pulsate with an undercurrent of repressed, turbulent sexuality, and in one tasty video piece a busty nymph peels bare and thrashes her pelvis as if she's stepped on a downed power line. Get titillated tonight during Wynwood's gallery stroll from 7:00 to 10:00. Call 305-571-9123, or visit -- Carlos Suarez de Jesus


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