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Swimming with the Big Fish

You would have been mocked and ridiculed, laughed at and possibly urinated upon, had you, early in this season, even suggested the possibility there was a chance the Marlins would make a run at the playoffs. Way underfunded, the scrappy terrors in teal have beat up on and just plain beat enough teams to keep their record near the midway mark since the All-Star game. Fans had already turned to discussing something other than wins and losses: Would the team remain in Miami or move to some godforsaken pig town like San Antonio? And what was the topic of baseball conversation in South Florida the other day? A stadium with retractable roof would cost about $430 million. The team is reportedly willing to chip in about $210 million. Joe and Jane Taxpayer are good for $120 million. Anybody got $100 million lying around? Oh, and we play the Arizona Diamondbacks today at 1:05. Tickets range from $6 to $90. Dolphin Stadium is located at 2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami Gardens. Call 1-877-MARLINS, or visit
Mon., Sept. 4


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