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Sweet Eats

For true chocoholics, convenience-store candy is a sad substitute for the real deal. Forcing chocolate aficionados to subsist on Snickers and Hershey bars is like asking a beer snob to stick with PBR. Luckily, the Miami Fine Chocolate & Food Show is about to bring the best and brightest in haute chocolate and cuisine to the 305. Sweet-toothed attendees will get to sample handmade, small-batch goodies, from organic truffles and bars to macarons and ganache. There’ll be everything from artsy edibles by Mendocino’s Flying Noir California to handmade treats from local Venezuelan chocolatier Cacao Art Chocolates. Plus, Food Network Challenge winner Paul Joachim will sculpt life-size chocolate doubles of Miami’s pro athletes. Bite of Bosh, anyone? There’ll be savory food too. South Florida chefs such as Norman Van Aken, Allen Susser, and Adrianne Calvo will showcase their skills with demos and seminars. Plus, what’s chocolate and food without their partner, alcohol? Guests will get schooled in how to pair beer, wine, spirits, and even coffees and teas with artisanal foods, chocolates, and cheeses. So put on your stretchy pants. It’s time to get chocolate-wasted.
Sat., March 9; Sun., March 10, 2013


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