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Sweating for the Wetlands

Barring an alligator attack, there isn’t much in the Everglades that will make you lose your breath. Even restoration queen Marjory Stoneman Douglas admitted that miles of wet grass don’t make for visual ecstasy, but the organization she founded -- Friends of the Everglades -- is trying damn hard to make you pant in swampland. So their second annual Experience the Everglades Walk and Bike-a-thon aims to get you huffing along a 15-mile track today.

Not only does the event promote awareness and raise money, but also it’ll help you burn off that skunk-apelike belly, which is more than gasping at the Grand Canyon accomplishes. As for those gator attacks, don’t worry -- the trail will be crocodilian-free. Though we can’t say the same about photo-op-hungry politicians. The sweating starts today at 8 a.m. sharp at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park in Homestead. It’s about 35 miles out, so be a good environmentalist by leaving the Hummer at home and catching a ride in your friend’s hybrid.
Sun., March 2, 2008


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