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Sweat Out Art

You don’t have to be a big kahuna, beachcomber, or surfer chick to get leid during this weekend’s balmy Second Saturday Art Walk. Just follow the torches and ukulele music wafting from the Harold Golen Gallery, where the art dealer is celebrating his annual Fine Art Tiki Show with some of the biggest names working in the genre today. “It’s a load of fun and what playful summer shows are all about,” says Golen, who has invited Kevin Kidney, Jody Daily, Shag, Skot Olsen, and a raft of other artists to turn his Wynwood digs into a Polynesian pop paradise. “Just tell everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt or sarong, and I’ll lei them myself,” Golen cracks. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about those “in-between” spaces we often float through without noticing, then make sure to check out “Metrouroboros,” Ashley Ford’s peep into highways, public restrooms, airports, and other non-places. At the University of Miami’s Wynwood Project Space (2200A NW Second Ave., Miami), the psychological and sociological impact these spots have on public culture is examined through art, including a smashing photo that reminds us of Larry Craig’s romp in an airport toilet. Call 305-284-2543 or visit Those whose interests veer toward figurative anatomical studies should visit Ascaso Gallery (2441 NW Second Ave., Miami), where James Mathison’s sculptures of a man’s head and disembodied hands will raise eyebrows with their exceptional attention to detail. Also on view are Venezuelan artist Pancho Quilici’s beguiling paintings that conjure a landscape of labyrinths and incomplete buildings mixed with semitransparent geometric forms of a futuristic nature. Call 305-571-9410 or visit Carlos Suarez de Jesus
Sat., July 9, 7 p.m., 2011


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