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Swamp People

There was a time when the June rainy season would put a damper on the 305’s arts programming. But those days are long gone; most local galleries now welcome the summer dog days as a perfect time to pick up some steam rather than winding down for vacation. That’s the case for the Design District’s Swampspace (3940 N. Miami Ave., Miami), known for embracing all things moist and clammy as part of its edgy monthly offerings throughout the past half-decade, and it was recently named one of this year’s Knights Arts finalists. That’s not the only big news oozing from the Swamp’s muggy environs. “We are superstoked to be Knights Arts finalists,” says Oliver Sanchez, who owns and operates the alternative program. “But after five years of kick-ass events, we’ve lined up some great new shows by locals like Typoe and Liz Ferrer and, during this month’s Second Saturday, are launching a deluxe new location near Locust Projects.” At 6 p.m. during this Saturday’s art walk, Sanchez will pop the champagne cork on his latest venture with “Low Tide Shopping,” a sultry group show featuring works by some of the Magic City’s hottest talent, including Gary Fonseca, Jeffrey Noble, Jason Hedges, Johnny Laderer, Diego Guzman, Gustavo Oviedo, Jose Felix Perez, Mario M. Gonzalez, and Emmett Moore. Sanchez explains the show’s title stems from a phrase that “refers to the act of retrieving debris from shorelines which has been left behind by high tides.”
Sat., June 14, 6 p.m., 2014


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