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Sure Beats Manischewitz

Just like your neighbor’s light-saber-wielding toddler, the Pinot Noir grape can be difficult. It is tough to grow and has a reputation for fermenting violently. But with the right guidance, that little fruit can become one rich and rewarding wine. The silky liquid is full-bodied without being too heavy, so it is an excellent complement to one of my favorite holiday dishes -- potato pancakes. Local vintner Jeffrey Wolfe agrees. Tonight from 7:00 to 9:00, you can sip velvety wine as you munch on fried snacks at the Pinot Noirs for the Hanukkah Latke Party at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe. Wax poetic about the tomato and sassafras aromas, or the oak-y vanilla and barnyard flavors, as you spin the dreidel beside the flickering Hanukkiah (that is the proper name for the Hanukkah menorah, you gentiles). The wines will be chosen for you, so all you have to do is decide between sour cream and apple sauce. The tasting costs $20, but you get to keep your Riedel glass, and you will also receive a $10 credit toward your evening’s purchase. Call 305-445-4567, or visit to RSVP.
Fri., Dec. 22


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