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Super Sunday Strangeness

Even on the most mundane days, Miami's streets are crawling with cat killers, amateur plastic surgeons, half-naked D-list celebs, thieves on roller skates, and rappers with beards large enough to conceal a corrections officer's past. But this Sunday, the Magic City freak parade will explode tenfold as unnatural examples of humankind flock from all across the nation and descend upon Sun Life Stadium for the singular frenzy of Super Bowl XLIV.

The main event, though, is all about 27,000 pounds of pro pigskin talent doing battle in pursuit of sports immortality. And with Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts pitted against Drew Brees's New Orleans Saints, the on-field action just might trump the off-field circus. Fans and freaks alike can expect massive offense, crippling hits, and maybe even a Kim Kardashian wardrobe malfunction. If, however, all of that game-time anticipation leads to naught, there's always the sideshow, right? So go for the game, stay for the strangeness.
Sun., Feb. 7, 6:25 p.m., 2010


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