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Stylin’ Sapphic Salsa

El Escándalo Party is one dyke event where you won’t see any Birkenstocks. No flip flops or sandals allowed either, though we’re sure you can get in the door if your footwear is designed by Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo. Tight clothing and low cut outfits might get you past the threshold faster for this night of Latin women and Latin music at Score. Icandee Productions is flying TwinSoul in from Puerto Rico to create one of the hottest nights ever for lesbians in Miami. TwinSoul’s Yvonne and Lisa are real twin sisters who have been singing and playing percussion instruments together since they were five. Offsetting the beautiful, talented duo will be DJs Nena and Dezrock, the Icandee dancers, and wall to wall lesbians. Expect hot women and exotic drinks as part of the night’s Puerto Rican theme. The last Icandee event at Score drew more than 600 women, so if you can’t get a date here, you can’t find one anywhere.
Sat., Jan. 28


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