Style Solutions from Simone Vivian

In life you're told to follow your instincts, but if said instincts land you in bellbottoms and a muffin-top bearing baby tee - it may be time to turn your style over to more capable hands. The hands of the stylists and personal shoppers at Simone Vivian.

Have tons of clothes, yet still have nothing to wear when it's time to get dressed? Order up a closet edit that will pare down your wardrobe by what should be kept, donated, or sent to the dumpster. Not sure which garments fit your body type? A Simone Vivian stylist will evaluate your bod and lifestyle and pick out the pieces that will take your confidence from "eh" to "yeah!" Because after all, if you look good you feel good. A philosophy that Vivian Simone owner Julia Miles has injected into the lives of her clients, TV guest spots, and national print ads. She has spread her talent from New York City, Miami, and now Arizona and is perfectly prepared to extend the favor to fashionistas-in-training. This means you. Visit
Starts: May 21. Daily, 2009


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