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Stuff Your Pie Hole

The slow food movement's focus on local, seasonal, and sustainably grown edibles tend to evoke small town sentiment -- think pie contests, farmer's markets and bake sales. But the key to this growing global movement is bringing these ideas to communities large and small. Miami's local branch of the crusade, Slow Food Miami, is doing just that with their upcoming Thighs & Pies Pie Contest and Picnic in Coconut Grove. This annual event, hosted at the Barnacle Historic State Park (3485 Main Highway, Coconut Grove) on Saturday, puts pie makers to the test with celebrity judges keeping score. All pies must be made with a primary ingredient grown in Florida. This requirement allows the bakers to showcase locally grown foods and "hopefully get more people excited to use them, in other ways," says Serena Berra, Marketing Director for Slow Food Miami. Categories include sweet, savory, and under 17 (for young and ambitious aspiring chefs). "This event brings all the different elements of Miami together in one place for everybody to enjoy in a way that helps people understand what we do as an organization, and what we try to promote," Berra adds. "We also have local farmers coming, so it's another way to get to know their farmers and their food."
Sat., Nov. 3, noon, 2012


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