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Still Naked

The opening night of “Art Undressed” left the windows of the Wynwood Social Club steamy from all the dancing and role-playing. And when the erotic exhibit pulled out of Miami, people couldn’t stop talking about and dreaming of the titillating images, paintings, and live works of art. Luckily, some of it is on display at the World Erotic Art Museum and will remain until this Sunday. So there’s still time to see Alisa Gabrielle’s colorful paintings and marble renderings of the female form. You haven’t missed your chance to gawk at one of Beatrix Susan’s pieces on WEAM’s walls or any of the other winning works by Michael Brevette, Noam Levkovitz, Daniel Lovely, Giuseppe Petrilli, and Perego.
July 2-31, 11-midnight, 2009


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