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Still Ballin’

Lord knows there are enough Super Bowl parties taking place about town this weekend, and a legion of athletes and celebrities will be throwing cash around like it’s confetti. But many of these ballers didn’t make their fortunes by sheer talent alone. Take Earvin “Magic” Johnson, for instance. Skill and diligence paid off for him big time in the NBA, but after suffering career-ending injuries, contracting HIV, and enduring the cancellation of his ill-conceived talk show, Johnson created a new legacy. Instead of sitting on his butt and waiting for a plum coaching position to fall into his lap, Magic made himself into a business mogul with a chain of theaters, a charity foundation, and 31 Burger King restaurants to his name. Today, Magic Johnson will share the secrets to his success at After the Party, What’s the Plan?, a symposium series created to inspire urban youth. Invited panelists include Trick Daddy, Edgerrin James, and Rick Ross. Experience Magic today at Florida Memorial University’s Lou Rawls Auditorium.
Fri., Feb. 2, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.


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