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Drag races are cool, but can’t we be a little more imaginative? With the right cars, the right track, and the right people, we can make racing a sexy soiree for the ages. That was the idea that came to British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper in 1999. He used his wealth and influence to bring together the brightest stars of the automotive, fashion, music, and entertainment worlds for an international chase the likes of which had never been seen. A decade and a half later, the Gumball 3000 has become a frenzied spectacle broadcast by MTV and covered by GQ, Vanity Fair, Esquire, and others. This year’s track begins in Miami and continues across the Atlantic Ocean to finish in Ibiza, stopping in Atlanta, New York, Edinburgh, Barcelona, and Paris along the way. There will be tons of glamorous parties, concerts, and VIP activities at each pit stop, but it all gets warmed up right here on South Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive. Rubberneckers will be stoked to know superstar DJ Deadmau5 is getting in on the action. Look for his customized Ferrari 458 at the starting line. If you’ve got a souped-up rod of your own, come down Wednesday for registration, but come ready to drop a load of cash. The highest donor to the Gumball foundation wins pole position.
Thu., June 5, 10 a.m., 2014


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