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Starry Night

Tired of mutha f**king indie rock? Mutha f**king hip-hop? Mutha f**king Jimmy Buffett? Indra Lounge says it’s time for some Mutha F**king House Music. Beginning this Saturday night at 11 and every Saturday thereafter, DJ Doc Brown will spin progressive, techno, electro, and yes, house music all the way till 5 a.m., when it’s time for some mutha f**king water, mutha f**king gummy bears, and mutha f**king weed.

This event is also mutha f**king inexpensive. Show up before midnight and there’s no mutha f**king cover, and if you’ve got a clan of five or more ladies, you’ll get one free bottle of mutha f**king champagne. The cover is just ten bucks for XX chromos and fifteen for XY homos afterward, so you’ll have plenty of cheese left for five-dollar kamikaze shots and two mutha f**king hundred-dollar bottles of Grey Goose. Email for the list and further discounts, or visit mutha f**king
Saturdays, 11 p.m., 2009


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