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Stark Raving Rad

You know the economy has gotten rough when two Miami artists are sent to work in a factory in Thailand. Artists Jen Stark, New Times Mastermind winner, and Alvaro Ilizarbe, AKA Freegums, recently set up shop for a week in a silk screen factory just outside of Bangkok. They slept in dormitories with 200,000 other workers and labored for 18 hours a day, sucking on packets of Gu energy gel. OK, not really. The Miami duo actually enjoyed an artist resident program and exhibit called “Free Size,” where they made art surrounded by lots of natural light and kiddie pools filled with Singha beer. They’ve returned to Miami just in time for Stark’s show at Carol Jazzar with British artist Rory MacArthur. See Stark’s pop art sculptures, recognizable for their saturated rainbows of color and fractal-like forms that trick the eye. In Sunken Sediment, a colorburst cyclone appears inset in a wall. MacArthur’s pieces are more fluid — Bluelight Waves looks like an amoeba spooning with a neon light. “Jen Stark/Rory MacArthur” is up through June 13, but you should see it this Saturday.
Saturdays, Sundays, 1 p.m. Starts: May 29. Continues through June 13, 2010


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