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Stand Up for Leno

Ask late-night couch potatoes what it means to Jaywalk, and if they watch Letterman, they’ll give you a boring answer about crossing the street at the appropriate time and place. But Leno-philes will tell you it’s the moment you completely forget who lives at the Vatican. Or what color the White House is. Late-night’s chin-tastic king has folks boning up on their trivia when preparing for a trip that might land them in Jaywalk’s path. Lucky for us, we’re not in the path of Jay Leno’s cheeky foray into the intelligence of average Americans. Um, usually.

This Tuesday at 8 p.m., Jay Leno will hit the stage at the Seminole Hard Rock for a night of stand-up that will include more than a few jokes about scandalicious politicians, baby factory Brangelina, and maybe his new 10 o’clock time slot. He usually gives viewers of his Emmy-winning Tonight Show only one segment where they can see the lower half of his body, but Tuesday night you’ll get plenty of face time with the man’s pants. Tickets start at $50; call 305-350-5885 or click
Tue., Dec. 30, 2008


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