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Spin to Win

Everyone wants to be the next Tiësto. The man gets paid beaucoup dollars to get thousands of people moving to the beat. The copious amount of groupies probably isn't a bad thing either. An aspiring Miami DJ can dream, but a devoted turntablist takes action. And if you're looking to bypass cutting your teeth at a random bar in suburbia, Opium Group has opened up a prime opportunity. Every Tuesday, Louis at Gansevoort Miami Beach hosts Battle of the DJs in hopes of discovering the city's next big thing behind the decks. You'll have ten measly minutes to prove if your worthy of the title Best DJ in South Beach. Up for grabs is a $2,500 cash prize, a residency slot for the nightlife conglomerate, and the promise of a set during 2012's Miami Music Week. Semifinal rounds will be held every eight weeks to weed out the weak from the titans. Crowd reaction is also a big factor in the battle, so thank your lucky stars the general public is welcome to stop by Louis when the doors open. And with more than 100 applications for the kickoff last month, this won't be an easy climb to the top. If you're up for the challenge, email or call 305-531-4600.
Tue., Sept. 6, 11 p.m., 2011


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