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SAT 2/21

Modelizers, you better be ready. Among the requirements for the nearly 300 models participating in the 11th Annual Volleypalooza Model Volleyball Tournament is that they will be scantily clad. Can they serve the ball, bump, or set? Who cares? All that's important in this fundraising event for PETA is that the players look beautiful and show some skin. The world's top B-level models -- the types that actually have to moonlight, and starve themselves not to keep trim, but because they literally are starving -- will be hitting South Beach. Wahoo! The models are back making the scene at whichever tourist dive offers them free drinks for showing up. So dress up like a rich sugar daddy and be sure to maneuver your way onto the VIP lists at the most excluuuuuusive temples of trivial living for your chance to worship one of these pouty, doe-eyed creatures. Just beware of the East European chicks who once were Olympic gymnasts. Once they're nibbling your caviar, they are impossible to shut up and they have voracious appetites. But then again they're models and you love being sucked dry. The tournament begins at 10:00 today and runs through Sunday, Feb. 22 at Ocean Drive and 8th Street, Miami Beach. Admission is free. Call 305-532-2544. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Ocean Going

Become a better boater

MON 2/23

While modifying a 1959 Buick to make it seaworthy might not be part of the 5-week Boating Skills and Seamanship series taught by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel, the basics of boat handling, knot tying, compass and satellite navigation, radio use, and those all-important maritime rules and federal requirements are. Endure the entire course and you'll be awarded a certificate of completion, which may just get you a discount on boat insurance, that is if you have a boat at all. A small fee will apply for materials. Class starts at 7:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, 2990 S. Bayshore Dr., 2nd flr. Call 305-666-8469. -- By Nina Korman


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