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While other South Florida bands to break out big have drawn endless rains of haterade (ahem, Surfer Blood), the Jacuzzi Boys can pretty much count all of Miami as their personal cheering squad. If Miami scenesters like anything, it’s an underdog, and the Boys didn’t exactly burst out of the gates as the potential next big thing. In the early days, their sloppy, psychedelic brand of garage rock didn’t fit into any hype cycles. And the guys seemed to shrug at the notion of success. Plus they constantly professed their bizarre love of Miami. But they weren’t as sloppy or careless as they might have looked on the surface. From the beginning, the Jacuzzi Boys have expressed love for the city but have also been careful to play outside of it frequently. The trio has been a touring band from the get-go, something that gained velocity over the past couple of years as they perfected their songwriting. The latest Jacuzzi Boys album, Glazin’, ditches most of the old garage slop for shinier glam rock and Beach Boys stylings, though the lyrics are as fizzy and sun-bleached as ever. With yet another tour under their belt and a recent celebrated run at CMJ, the threesome has definitely become the latest act to bring some shine to the city’s homegrown scene. They’ll never stop celebrating that either, and promise a raucous homecoming show this Saturday at Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami). The group’s last turn there featured stage-diving, equipment problems thanks to overeager fans pulling out wires, and speakers shaking frighteningly in the air, so wear comfortable clothing and prepare to run if necessary. Openers include Holly Hunt, Honey Train, and the Cost.
Sat., Nov. 26, 9 p.m., 2011


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