Sounds Like Drugs and Is Just as Good

Hey, lost soul. Word is, you've been searching for some kind of trippy party shaman to lead you on a spirit quest to the center of your very own inner outer space. True? OK, then, it's totally time you took a tab of that Space Voodoo Crystal stuff. Hence, today's free MP3, "Mutations." Like 'shrooms on E, this local tropical/dub/hip-hop crew from the future ("Miami 2099") makes a druggy sound that blends both psilocybin's hallucinogenic brainblast and MDMA's oversexed synthetic edge. Or, if you'd rather ask the band, SVC sounds something like: "You and Bone Thugs and the ghosts of their grandmothers just simultaneously beat Mega Mans 1-6 during a solar eclipse, inside of a crystal sphinx smoking a blunt."
Sat., Nov. 14, 2009


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