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Sounding Off

Pablo Francisco is widely known as a comic with a gift for doing funny voices and making all sorts of sounds, but that perception is a little narrow. Francisco is actually a talented impressionist who uses a variety of voice effects and odd vocalizations to help bring his impressions to life. “I like the previews [at the movies],” he tells his audience. “I like the guy with that deep voice who’s smoked like 10 packs of cigarettes.” From there Francisco launches into a movie preview for an action/adventure film about Arnold Schwarzenegger as a taco vendor. Many people enjoy the sendup of California’s governor, but the dead-on impression of the movie voice-over guy is positively brilliant.

A favorite at Latino comedy festivals, the Tucson native delivers performances that have wide appeal. “My stuff is for everybody, not just for Latinos. It's a universal act. Basically I'm talking about family, my girlfriend, relationships,” Francisco insists. He performs at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove) Thursday, March 6, through tonight. Showtime is 8:30, and tickets cost $23.54. Call 305-441-8200, or visit
March 6-9, 2008


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