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Soothe It with Flowers

Forget the head-shrinkers. Music and flowers are the sick soul’s panacea, says Mieko Kubota, an ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) practitioner. Kubota’s motto is “friendship through flowers.” But many Miamians are trained in the art of vulgar hand gestures and horn blasts. We bet our best chrysanthemum that a shake of the bamboo stick will benefit your spirit. For the cost of an HMO mental health copay ($20), you can be soothed by interpretive flower arranging. At the 34th annual “Afternoon of Ikebana” beginning at 1:00 at the University of Miami’s Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall, Kubota will arrange greens according to the harmony and rhythms of musicians Yoshiko Carlton on the koto (string instrument), Jorge Alfano on the shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Carlos Molina on classical guitar, Marisa Molina singing soprano, and Carlos Averhoff on saxophone. Call 305-665-2141 for tickets.
Sun., March 5


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