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Songs of Freedom

The people of Planned Parenthood get a lot of shit for their efforts. For more than 90 years, the organization has specialized in educating the public about safe sex and the risk of STDs, as well as protecting women’s health and safety. PP often comes under fire from anti-abortion activists who oppose their efforts to empower women and families with the right and ability to prevent unintended pregnancies. In the States, it’s a back-and-forth battle in which both sides are allowed to speak freely. In places such as Latin America, where religious beliefs can prohibit women from even discussing sexual health issues, the ongoing efforts of Planned Parenthood become even more fraught with difficulty. If you believe rosaries and ovaries should never mix, come out and support the cause at the second annual Planned Parenthood Federation of America (Latin American Division) fundraising event at Luna Star Café.

Local folkie Brother Lou will open for the supertalented Diane Ward Trio at 7 p.m. A $10 donation is suggested, but more is always welcome. Call 305-799-7123, or visit
Fri., July 18, 2008


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