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Songbird, Sing Me a Tune

In 1989, back when the M in MTV stood for music, the network debuted a groundbreaking show called Unplugged. Industry geniuses, from Bob Dylan and R.E.M. to Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill, graced the stage for acoustic sets that transformed their studio albums into living, breathing, dynamic pieces of art. Now the M stands for misogyny, and all the channel’s shows are reality-based. So you can find us feeding our live music fix at Luna Star Café at Songbird’s Summer Solstice Show, in which performers like Maria Marocka, Michelle Riu, Rene Alvarez, and Alex Diaz will play their hearts out.

“The idea behind the Songbird is it’s a music series getting local musicians playing acoustic in a small venue,” says host and performer Alex Diaz. “We get together and create a cool night where it’s four or five different half-hour sets.” In addition to the music, Luna Star offers more than 100 types of beer and an extensive menu of munchies.
Thu., June 21


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