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For centuries, intricate guitar-picking, skillful foot-stomping, and precise handclapping have made flamenco reverberate worldwide, but the genre’s musical cries are what carry its full emotional impact. Most historians figure the form was born many Andalusian moons ago as a result of a cultural convergence of that region’s gypsies, Moors, and Jews, who combined to contribute to Spain’s golden age of art and intellectualism. All went dark with the Inquisition, which likely prompted the persecuted to vent their grief through song. The funny thing about flamenco music: Its emotive mix of rhythm and vocals is so beautiful that you can’t wallowooo-uuuu-oooo-oooo too long. Chin up, because Siempre Flamenco’s Third Festival of Flamenco Song is here to celebrate the art.

The event offers a number of presentations and how-to lectures in musical resilience by artists such as Spanish national ballet singer Manuel Palacín and Siempre Flamenco founder Paco Fonta. The most important happening takes place tonight at the Manuel Artime Theater, where these artists, as well young flamenco prodigy Israel Paz and Fonta’s dancing wife Celia, come together in a performance that will leave you wailing and stomping your feet with a joyful vengeance. Tickets cost $25.
Sun., March 9, 2008


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