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Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant

First you loved him on Saturday Night Live; then it sucked for a while, so you hated him. Then you loved him on 30 Rock; then he said some unflattering things about homosexuals, so you hated him yet again. Now it’s time to fall back in love with Tracy Morgan. Why? Because he’s performing right here in Miami, and he’s a hilarious, out-of-control character. If you were to ask him how much of his Tracy Jordan character is actually just Tracy Morgan, he would probably respond, “I overslept because my alarm clock died in a cockfight last night.” Tracy, you so crazy. Morgan is well known for his SNL characters such as Brian Fellows (the childlike safari-show host), and Dominican Lou, a Dominican named Lou. He’s also famous for making people wonder, Wait, is it Jordan or Morgan? You’ll love his Miami show so much you’ll want to get it pregnant behind a middle school. Also, his local stand-up is part of a benefit for the Anthony Fasano Foundation, so theoretically it’s for a good cause.
Sat., Nov. 26, 8 p.m., 2011


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