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Soca Salvation

Hey, party animal, if you’re lost in a jungle of lame club nights and drowning in a sea of watered-down cocktails, you’re probably in need of some relief. Unfortunately that life raft was too big to fit in your purse, and there’s not enough rope at Home Depot to pull you back. But your savior in party form could very well be Rescue Me at Christabelle’s Quarter.

The sounds of live jazz and blues usually waft from its faux-shuttered windows, but on the first Saturday of each month, SpotLite Entertainment takes over the Down Easy-esque Cajun restaurant to put on a night of soca, reggae, and hip-hop. You can try to be bored within the beautifully authentic architecture and opulent décor, but you’ll have to try hard, ’cause you’ve probably never done the dutty wine in such a classy joint. The opulent three-story restaurant is chock full of antiques and boasts a 1,000-gallon saltwater fish tank, 38 glittery chandeliers, and plenty more for you to feast your eyes upon. It’ll cost you 15 bucks to party, and ladies are treated to free shots before 12:30 a.m. But pace yourselves, girls: The party rocks until 6 a.m. Call 954-559-9625, or visit
Sat., July 5, 2008


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