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So Freakin' Special

Don’t tell Mama you will be at the Psychobilly Spookshow in Little Haiti tonight -- that sounds suspicious enough already. You might have to admit you’ll be bopping to rockabilly greasers the Van Orsdels. What’s she gonna say about that slick-backed hair, those punky tattoos, and the fact they’ll be leaving town “on tour” very soon? Or maybe she’ll start to panic when you mention the Panix are also playing. Don’t get stuck explaining what a Reynosa is. (It’s skulking in from Pensacola.) But whatever you do, be very quiet about the Zombie Vandals and Cedric Abando and the Broken Condoms carpet-bagging in from New York City. When she hears all of this, she’ll either worry about you ending up in a haunted grave in the Everglades, or she’ll ditch you at home, doll herself up, and head to Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami). Tickets cost seven bucks. The ghouls crawl out at 9:00. Ages eighteen and older are welcome. Call 305-757-1807, or visit
Sat., June 24


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