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So Frackin’ Cool!

It’s Friday night and you live in one of the hottest spots in the world. The clubs, parties, and drinks are yours for the taking. But how do you actually spend your evening? The only way a respectable geek would -- by watching the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. But this weekend you’re going to have to set the TiVo, because Florida Supercon is here for just three days.

Beginning at 6:00 tonight, the Hollywood Beach Resort will host a multiformat nerd convention for comic book, sci-fi, and anime fans. Die-hards won’t want to miss the Q&As with celebrity guests, including Superman’s Margot Kidder, Futurama’s Billy West, The Adventures of Superman’s Noel Neill, and pro wrestling’s Iron Sheik. More than 75 other guests will be around for workshops, panels, and independent film screenings. And, of course, there will be a costume contest.
Nov. 3-5


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