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Snowflake Returns

Here we go, Dol-fans! Or should we say Parrotheads? Forget the $7 million that owner Stephen Ross could have had if he’d given LandShark Stadium naming rights to MetroPCS instead of his man-crush, Jimmy Buffett. Let’s concentrate on the state of the football team, which frankly hasn’t been this positive since 1984, when a Barry Manilow look-alike named Danny Marino was setting records and flashing a million-dollar smile.

Coming off a surprising 11-5 season, GM Bill Parcells is living up to his billing as strong-willed genius; Sparano is in control at the coaching helm; and Chad Pennington is doing his job as placeholder and mentor for quarterback-of-the-future Chad Henne. Ronnie Brown is finally healthy; Joey Porter is still pissed off at the Patriots; and Jason “Tap Shoes” Taylor is back where he belongs.

And yes, this Monday night, praise Jesus Jones, football is back. To see your Miami Dolphins take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first preseason game, visit
Mon., Aug. 17, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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