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Smokin’ Uku-yeyo

Call us ignorant, but we’ve always thought of ukulele music as something played by moonshine-swigging, overall-wearing, tobacco-chewing, stained-tooth-having hillbillies somewhere in the Ozarks. Turns out the ukulele, a small, four-stringed instrument similar to the Latin cuatro, comes from Hawaii, and chicks with coconuts on their boobs shake their grass-skirted asses to it. In other words, it’s perfect for Miami. So give thanks, because the Green Parrot Ukulele Association, named for a historic Key West dive bar, will host its inaugural Magic City convocation at Sweat Records Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. The idea was born when John Vagnoni and his rambling poet son Nick took their holiday jam session to the family bar, invited everyone in the Keys to bring their ukes out, and threw an island-style fiesta till 4 a.m. Down in the Hawaii of the Southeast, ukulele night brings raucous crowds in every month, with stagefuls of ukesters twangin’ up sounds from the likes of Johnny Cash to the Shirelles. So if you have a ukulele, like the ukulele, or want to know more about it, come on out. The show is free, the lessons are too, and you might just find yourself enchanted by those magic island sounds.
Thu., Jan. 19, 7 p.m., 2012


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