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Slow Wine

They call it hump day because you’re finally over half of the workweek, but you’re already prepared to throw in the towel and call it the weekend. Before you sink into a mire of depression at the two long days of labor still staring you in the face, we say chillax. Slow your roll and head on over to Wine Down Wednesday, a new and elegant happy-hour experience unfolding weekly at Level 25, the elevated lounge at the Conrad Hotel.

Each week from 5 to 8 p.m., hotel sommeliers will handpick two featured wines, which booze hounds such as you can sample for five dollars a glass. This ain’t no five-buck-chuck either — we’re talking premium plonk, chosen from the hotel’s wine attic of more than 50 vintage bottles. Between sips, servers will visit tables to play a little dice game with you; if you roll a two or a five, you win a fresh glass of vino. Score! And before you know it, Thursday isn’t looking so bad after all.
Wednesdays, 2008


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