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Slip-Sliding Away?

The NL East race has left little margin for error for the Florida Marlins. What was once a one-and-a-half-game deficit in the standings has now become an inauspicious uphill battle. Before the All-Star break, Dan Uggla was crushing baseballs over fences, Hanley Ramirez was on his way to an MVP season, and Fredi Gonzalez was making all the right moves. Since then, however, the Marlins have struggled to put up runs, Ramirez has looked pedestrian, Uggla’s average has shrunk to a paltry .162, and the Marlins have fallen four games out of first. Then there’s Renyel Pinto — he of the 27.02 ERA — and his never-ending adventures in the land of utter sucktitude.

Perhaps Mike Jacobs and his .281 average, five home runs, and 15-plus RBI since the All-Star break can shake the Marlins back into coherence in time to make a run for the top spot. But time is running out. Hanley needs to get back to his Kryptonian ways, Uggla needs to get his power back, Fredi needs to stay awake during the entirety of games, and Pinto needs to be sold for scraps. Saturday night they get their crack at the first-place New York Mets at Dolphin Stadium. Afterward, enjoy a Super Saturday postgame concert with Puerto Rican five-time Grammy Award winner Olga Tañon. First pitch is at 7:10. Visit to purchase tickets.
Sat., Aug. 30, 2008


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