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Slimmer Down

In the era of Julia Child, the heart of a chef perhaps gurgled slowly, with blood as thick as heavy cream surging through pâté-clogged arteries. Modern toques have retained the flavor but lightened up the cuisine. Nowadays the Heart of a Chef is light, fun, and pumping out tips, tricks, and tidbits; this weekend it is also a two-day culinary fiesta that celebrates health as well as benefits the brilliant minds of the Florida Heart Research Institute.

Saturday is Driven to Dine, a lush event promising a lavish spread at the home of Miami’s NFL legend Don Shula. If $500 tickets are beyond your means, then today is the day for you: The Heart of a Chef festival gets under way at Jungle Island. Besides the typical menagerie of squawking birds and chattering critters, there’ll be a Whole Foods farmers’ market and a heart-healthy cook-off featuring local celeb chefs. Round one pits Escopazzo’s Giancarla Bodoni against Casa Casuarina’s Nina Compton; round two matches Top Chef’s Howard Kleinberg against Hell’s Kitchen’s Ralph Pagano. Tickets include admission to Jungle Island and cost $40 for grownups, $20 for kids.
Sun., April 27, 2008


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