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Slick Picking

Admit it: When you hear the phrase guitar festival, it evokes terrifying images of aging rockers with big hair and cut-off T-shirts. Fortunately this week’s Miami International Guitar Festival has absolutely nothing to do with those jokers. Instead the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music has invited the real pros – renowned classical and folk guitarists from around the globe – for a series of lectures, classes, and nighttime concerts. The events take place this week through Saturday at Clarke Recital Hall in the L. Austin Weeks Center.

Tonight at 8:00, come see Raul Olmos of Mexico and Vladislav Braha of the Czech Republic work the frets and make Clapton look like an amateur; like all of this week’s concerts, entry is only ten dollars. Students of the guitar will want to check out today’s three-hour master class, held by Belgium’s Boris Gasquere, beginning at 9:00 a.m. These advanced lessons cost $35 each. For more information, a complete schedule, and package prices, call 305-284-2083 or visit
June 20-23


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